Metaphysical is a riverside gym created by Angie Best, a woman who has spent 40 years living the healthy lifestyle.

Being professionally engaged by not just the high-maintenance Hollywood stars, she's still dedicated to researching and keeping abreast of all of the latest information and science for improving the health of the body-beautiful which she communicates to all the women who walk through the doors at Metaphysical Gym. She has a successful track record and a proven 6th sense as to what people need for longevity, anti-aging and health.

Along with her partner Mark Miller, who uses his extensive background ins ports and nutrition to keep men healthy, strong and looking good.

Images by Joel Reeves


Angie Best, Co-Founder

Mark Miller, Co-Founder and Trainer

Kate, Instructor, Spinning & Classes

Christophe, Instructor for gym and classes, Circuits

Forbes, Instructor, Spinning

Jade, Physiotherapist & Instructor, Spinning

Charlotte, Instructor, Yoga